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Board of Directors

  • Marva Luhrs, Chairman
  • Mary Ellen Gamel, Vice Chairman
  • Merri Shunk, Secretary
  • Jack McGary, Treasurer
  • Rebecca Hanson, Director
  • Michelle DellaCroce, Director
  • Mary Anderson, Director

Supervisory Committee

  • Kevin French, Committee Chair
  • Sharon Headley, Committee Member
  • Michelle DellaCroce, Committee Member
  • Darlene Cyril, Committee Member
  • Mary Anderson, Committee Member
  • Onya Stein, Alternate Committee Member

Mailing Address: 3705 Arctic Blvd, Box MM | Anchorage, AK 99503

eMail Address: [email protected]

Northern Skies FCU Management

D. Kyler Howlett, President
(907) 550-4223
[email protected]

Jeremy Payne, Chief Financial Officer
(907) 550-4201
[email protected]

Gubby Spring, Vice President of Lending
(907) 550-4225
[email protected]

Robyn (Middleton) Reyes, Marketing Director
(907) 550-4227
[email protected]

Katelynn Hatch, Director of Brand and Culture
(907) 550-4211
[email protected]

Lorri Carlson, Loan Control Manager
(907) 550-4224
[email protected]

Joyce White, Electronic Services Manager
(907) 550-4221
[email protected]

Rissa Salem, Benson Branch Manager
(907) 550-4222
[email protected]

Manuel Phillips III, O'Malley Branch Manager
(907) 550-4215
[email protected]

Becki Grady, Internal Audit Officer
(907) 550-4209
[email protected]

Lucas Geissler, Information Technology Manager
(907) 550-4255
[email protected]